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個別面談 - Individual Counseling Services


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  • 壓力輔導
  • 個人成長輔導
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  • 催眠治療
  • ​情緒輔導 (抑鬱、焦慮、失眠、強迫症、社交恐懼症)


We care about You

 站於人生交叉點,不知該如何選擇 ?
 覺得自己其實不是太清楚自己或不知道自己想要甚麼 ?
生命中的關係,如親情、友情、愛情或同事,都不斷以同一種方式重複上演 ?
面對著眼前的難題或困境,不知如何走下去 ?

不一定是情绪病,才可以找輔導 。 輔導是屬於所有人的。 任何人遇到問題或希望更了解自己,都可以用輔導的方式來尋找更多的思考空間,作出更好的選擇。 輔導過程是自我探索,自我認識;也是心理狀態的了解,關係的連接。 給自己一個機會, 聆聽一下自己的內心。

透過多完化的方式,如繪畫、圖咭、催眠、姿體型態、遊戲及談 "心" ... 等等,和你一同探索內心世界,尋找那不曾想過的可能。


Are you standing at life intersection where you do not know how to make the choice?
Feel like do not know much about yourself or do not know what you want?
Relationships with family, friends, lover or colleagues always repeated at the same pattern?

Do not know how to continue in current situation or dilemma?

Not only when you have emotional problem, can you seek for counseling.  Counseling is for anyone who has questions in mind or simply want to enhance his/her self-understanding.  Counseling helps you to explore different perspectives, see clearer and make a more suitable decision.  It's about self-exploration, knowing the psychological needs or connecting with relationship.  Give yourself a chance to listen to your heart.

Exploring your inner world through ways like drawing, cards, hypnosis, body posture, game, chatting... etc, together, we are about to find that hidden possibilities.

In addition to individual counseling services, there are also different children's workshops available.  Through interesting and diverse teaching methods such as games, stories, drawings and performing arts, we aim to let the children learn by exploring and thinking and grow by their own pacing.

兒童工作坊 - Children's Workshops